Fenugreek Powder

Trigonella foenum-graecum

All About The Product

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek, Trigonella Foenum Graecum, is a small plant of Fabaceae family. Its leaves and seeds are commonly used as a herb, spice, vegetable and in topical hair and skin care products. It is cultivated worldwide as a semi-arid crop.

In a 100 g amount, Fenugreek seeds provide 323 kcal of food energy and contain 9% water, 58% carbohydrates, 23% protein, and 6% fat, with calcium at 40% of the Daily Value. Fenugreek seeds (per 100 g) are a rich source of protein (46% DV), dietary fiber, B vitamins, and dietary minerals, particularly manganese (59% DV) and iron (262% DV)(Source from Wikipedia)

About Iyasa Fenugreek Powder:

🍀CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC, NON-GMO: Iyasa Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder is sourced from NOP(USDA) certified farms of India and packaged in FDA registered facility. It is Non-GMO, Vegetarian and Vegan; Gluten, Soy, Wheat, and Corn free.

🍀SUPPORTS LACTATION, DIGESTION, AND GLUCOSE METABOLISM*: Fenugreek seeds are rich in fiber, iron, manganese, phytoestrogens, saponins, and other alkaloids*. Traditionally, Fenugreek has been used to improve body’s blood sugar metabolism*, to eliminate gas and solid waste from digestive tract*, to reduce menstrual cramps and increase milk flow in nursing mothers*.

🍀EXCELLENT FOR SKIN AND HAIR CARE: The powder is excellent in removing dead cells and blackheads from the skin. It is also a natural hair conditioner, helps to manage dry, frizzy hair, gives hair a luster and nourishes the scalp.

🍀 SUGGESTED USES: Iyasa Holistics Fenugreek seeds Powder is 100% Natural and Pure. It is bitter-sweet in taste, pungent in flavor, golden yellow in color, finely powdered, evenly textured and fresh. It is best used as a culinary spice and flavoring agent in your favorite dishes for benefit of the whole family. As a health supplement, take 4-6 gm of powder with warm water/ Fenugreek tea in the morning before having breakfast. Mix Fenugreek powder with water to make a paste and use it as face mask and hair mask. 

🍀CONVENIENCE & QUALITY GUARANTEED: Our Organic Fenugreek Powder is available in two different sizes – 4 oz trial pack and 8 oz value pack. They are packaged as a resealable pouch for easy storage and convenience. For any reason, if you are satisfied with our products, we refund your order in full.

What Our Customers Say..

"Great quality organic product at reasonable price. I like it's strong fresh aroma and taste in my morning weight loss tea. I am happy with my purchase."