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🍀CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC, NON-GMO: Iyasa Organic Amla Fruit Powder is sourced from NOP (USDA) certified farms of India.It is Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegetarian and Vegan; Gluten, Soy, Wheat or Corn free.

🍀RICHEST SOURCE OF VITAMIN C AND POTENT ANTIOXIDANT: Native to the Indian subcontinent, the amla fruit is one of the richest source of natural vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids and other antioxidants. These nutritional properties boost body’s ability to heal, restore energy, vitality, relieve stress, flush out toxins and fight aging process.

🍀NATURAL, PURE & MIXES EASILY: It is 100% Natural and Pure. It is light brown or dark tan color. It is finely powdered , evenly textured and fresh. It mixes easily with water, juice or smoothie.

🍀CONVENIENCE: Our Organic Amla Fruit Powder is available in two different sizes – 4 oz trial pack,8 oz, and 16 oz value pack. Additionally, they are packaged as RESEALABLE pouch to maintain freshness and your convenience.

🍀100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We at Iyasa are committed to provide the best buying experience to our customers. For any reason, if you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your order in full.

🍀Note: We may ship 2 packs of 4 oz or 4 packs of 4 oz for your order of 8 oz and 16 oz respectively. All of our products ship free within United States. We also provide international shipping to selected countries. If you don’t find the product or the shipping service that you are looking for, contact us on [email protected]. We will respond within 48 hours.



🍀What is Amla?

Amla is a deciduous tree native to India, China and other Tropical areas in Asia. Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry or Amalaki. Its Botanical name is Emblica Phyllanthus. Find more about Amla fruit on wikipedia.

🍀Why to use Amla?

Amla is family of rare superberries, a superb antioxidant, has a unique healing properties.In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Amla fruit has been used to boost body’s Immunity, healing and anti aging process.It also promotes skin and connective tissue rejuvenation and dark, lustrous hair growth.

🍀How can I include Amla Fruit Powder in my daily routine?

For internal consumption:Mix 1 serving (2-3 gms) of the powder with water, green smoothies, shakes or juice. Amla powder tastes better with cold beverage. To mask its taste, add honey in your recipe.

For external use:Use as Hair dye color along with Henna or other hair colors, as Hair mask and hair conditioner.

🍀How can I prepare hair mask/conditioner using this powder?

Mix the product with water to create paste like consistency. (You can also add Brahmi Leave Powder in equal part) Apply all over the scalp, let it dry for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. No need to shampoo or condition your hair before or after.

🍀Why should I use Amla Fruit Powder instead of Amla juice or gel?

There is minimal processing involved, no preservative added in the powder compared to manufacturing of Amla juice. Also, Amla fruit contains fibers, which accelerate the absorption into the blood. Powder is easy to store, has longer shelf life and can be prepared in fresh juice, mask or cosmetics whenever needed.

🍀Why Iyasa Holistics?

Our mission is to provide resources to empower your body, mind and spirit. We support our mission by providing the products which are 100% pure, organic, without any additive, minimally processed, Non- GMO, Gluten free and vegan. You will get high quality product with exceptional customer support and reasonable price

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4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Simon Ross

    This is the first time I tried this website and the Iyasa Organic Amla Powder. I am pretty amazed with the speed of delivery. It literally arrived in just a day. The quality of the packaging and product is amazing. Great job Iyasa. I will not hesitate to share your website and different herbal products.

  3. Viana

    natural organic well priced product

  4. Amy

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  5. Laurie Franck

  6. Amy

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  7. Yaa Osun

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  8. Terina K.



  9. Dorothy

    Using this in a hair care recipe and love the results. It’s also good in a smoothie!

  10. Patricia G.

    I love your product and see a difference in my skin already. I’ve been told by a family member I’m glowing. I was so excited I ordered a bag for her to try. And I bought it for pain inflammation in my fingers and wound up with so many other benefits. Beyond pleased thank you.

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