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🍀CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC, NON-GMO: Iyasa Organic Turmeric Root Powder is sourced from NOP (USDA) certified farms of India and packaged in FDA registered facility. It is Non-GMO, Vegetarian and Vegan; Gluten, Soy, Wheat and Corn free.

🍀RICH SOURCE OF ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ANTI-OXIDANT COMPOUND CURCUMIN*: Turmeric root is the one of the oldest known medicine from human history and ‘one of the must have’ as the kitchen remedy. Turmeric root powder is rich in the curcumin, which improves body’s ability to fight infection and inflammation*. Curcumin also has the antioxidant properties, supporting body’s natural aging process and memory function*.

🍀KING OF THE KITCHEN SPICES, HEALTHY & DELICIOUS: Our turmeric root Powder is 100% pure, natural Indian herb and spice, food coloring and flavoring agent. It has bright yellowish orange color, intense aroma and great taste. Best way to take advantage of Turmeric is to simply include it in your and your pet’s diet ; Add Iyasa Organic Turmeric Powder ¼ teaspoon in 1 cup of rice, pasta, curry, all-purpose flour, meat and egg ;Increase the quantity as you get adjusted to color and taste.

🍀DIRECTIONS TO USE THIS VERSATILE HERB: To increase curcumin absorption , consume turmeric with fatty food- Ghee/oil and Black paper. Active ingredient of black paper (Piperine) enhances absorption of curcumin by 2000%. If using turmeric as the post workout supplement, take 1 tsp of turmeric powder with hot water (tea), hot milk (latte), smoothie or soup. Make your own turmeric-black paper capsules. For the external use, apply turmeric paste over joint swelling,boil, bruise, acne, fresh wound

🍀CONVENIENCE & QUALITY GUARANTEED:  Our Organic Turmeric Root Powder is available in two different sizes – 4 oz trial pack and 16 oz value pack. Additionally, they are packaged as RESEALABLE pouch for convenience of our customers. For any reason, if you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your order in full.



🍀What is Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)? 
Turmeric is rhizomatous plant of the ginger family, native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Turmeric rhizomes(root stalks) powder is bright yellow in color and widely used as a spice and coloring agent in curries and other Asian cuisines.

🍀What is the percentage of curcumin in our Turmeric Root Powder?
Iyasa’s organic Turmeric root powder is natural root powder, not standardized to curcumin, so content of curcumin may naturally vary from 3-5%.

🍀How can I take maximum advantage of curcumin/turmeric?
Curcumin has very poor bioavailability and absorption rate from stomach.

Heating / Sauteing turmeric in oil releases curcumin and makes it readily available for absorption. You can also consume turmeric with fatty food- Ghee/oil and Black paper. Active ingredient of black paper (Piperine) enhances absorption of curcumin by 2000%

🍀What is the suggested dose? 
4-8 gm/day, (1-2 teaspoon). You can take this in divided doses.

🍀How can I remove stubborn yellow stains of Turmeric?
Turmeric (yellow) stains are very difficult to remove. Key is to wash stain immediately. Scrub away food from clothes/carpet. Apply baking soda on stain, let it dry. Wash clothes with warm water and dry in direct sunlight whenever possible.  Direct Sunlight is very effective in removing Turmeric stains from almost anything.

◆  To remove turmeric stain from skin/face use cotton ball dipped in coconut/castor oil, wipe away gently. (Only use if not allergic to above products)

🍀Why Iyasa Holistics?
Our mission is to provide resources to empower your body, mind and spirit. We support our mission by providing the products which are 100% pure, organic, without any additive,minimally processed, Non- GMO, Gluten free, vegan and of high quality. You will get high quality product with exceptional customer support and reasonable price.

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