Organic Lemongrass Loose Tea

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🍀CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC:  Iyasa Organic loose cut lemongrass is sourced from NOP (USDA) certified farms of India and packaged in FDA registered facility. Our Lemongrass is Non-GMO, pure, natural, caffeine free, dairy and Gluten free.

🍀HIGHLY AROMATIC, CITROUS, REVITALIZING TEA: Our Lemongrass tea is harvested from the fresh tender leaves and stalks of organic Lemongrass farms. Packed with antioxidants, our lemongrass has aromatic lemony flavor and refreshing taste. It is an excellent caffeine free, coffee alternative to start your day, enjoy your breaks or unwind after work. Its soothing, revitalizing and rejuvenating properties will surely make your tea time more enjoyable and relaxing.

🍀HOT TEA OR ICED DRINK: Hot Tea -just add 1 tsp of lemongrass cuts in a cup of boiling water, let it steep for 5 minutes, strain out, add your favorite sweetener if needed. Icea Tea – add 2 tablespoons of lemongrass in 6 cups of water, let it boil for 10 minutes, turn of the heat, let the mixture be cool and then put the pot in refrigerator to steep for 6-8 hours or overnight.

🍀OTHER SUGGESTED USES: Use our lemongrass cuts to make your own reusable or regular tea bags for hot/cold tea. Use it as culinary spice in Vietnamese of Thai cuisine. To prepare refreshing Lemongrass bath, tie up 1 table spoon of Lemongrass cuts in a cheesecloth or tea bags, put it in hot water bath, enjoy its relaxing lemony aroma in bath.




Lemongrass is a potent medicinal herb used widely in cooking, perfumery and aromatherapy due to its citrus flavor, lemony aroma and myriad health benefits. Lemongrass tea is one of the most popular, delicious and easy way to incorporate nutrient packed lemongrass in daily routine to support sleep, digestion and mental health.


🍀What is lemongrass tea?
Lemongrass is the culinary, medicinal plant from the grass family of Cymbopogon. The stalks and leaves of the grass has citrus, lemony aroma and used widely as a hot and cold tea as well as  culinary spice throughout the world.

🍀What are the benefits of Lemongrass tea?
Lemongrass tea is naturally caffein and calorie free, making it an excellent alternative for coffee and sugary drinks. Lemongrass tea has relaxing and rejuvenating effect on mind, aid in digestion and detoxifying the body.

🍀Can I use Lemongrass with other tea flavors?
Yes, Lemongrass tea has subtle minty, lemony flavor, which can be enjoyed alone or with other spice and herbs. Ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, chamomile, hibiscus, valerian, green apple, pineapple, sage, rosemary are few herbs which pair excellent with Lemongrass to make caffeine free tea. Lemongrass can also be used for its aroma and flavor in the caffeinated teas like black tea, green tea, oolong tea.

🍀What is the suggested dosage for your lemongrass tea?
We suggest that you start with 1 tsp of Lemongrass with 1 cup of water for hot or cold tea. For more stronger flavor, considering increasing the amount of lemongrass as well as your steeping time.

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  1. Maya Sharma

    Super ingredient to my morning masala tea.

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